Wish Upon A Star: Operation Helping Heroes


During the holiday season, people like to reflect on the blessings they enjoy in life and give thanks for their good fortune.  It is also a time to reach out to those in need.  Our hearts here at Carriage Automotive Group break when we see someone struggling to get by, and it is particularly heart-wrenching when help seems beyond our reach.  This idea is what has motivated Carriage Auto Group, along with Star 94, to help individuals earn the opportunity to give back to the most deserving families and individuals in a way that will truly make a difference… our Military families.

This fall, Wish Upon A Star: Operation Helping Heroes begins!  Carriage Automotive and Star 94 are asking the public to nominate servicemen and women who are starting fresh and deserve to receive a 12-month lease on a new car from Carriage Automotive Group.  Whether starting fresh means coming home from overseas deployment or starting a new career after reentering regular civilian life, we want to hear from you about the servicemen and women in your lives.  A helping hand from Carriage Auto Group will help these deserving men and women get invested in life back home and make them feel like the heroes they truly are!

We ask you to take a few minutes out of your day to nominate someone who has served in the United States Military and tell us why they should be a recipient of a 12-month lease on a brand new car, courtesy of Carriage Automotive Group!